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100 Book by 40: Treasure Island and Anne of Green Gables

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Who doesn’t like pirates? No one. Honestly, that could be the end of my thoughts on Treasure Island. The book was a fun little romp. The pirates were larger than life. The plot was fun. The book was tolerably short. You should read it.

I could draw a bunch of comparisons between The Pirates of the Caribbean and Treasury Island. But, really, is it any wonder that the plot of a book is better than the plot of a movie? The book was wonderful even lacking a hot Johnny Depp.

On to Anne of Green Gables, I was fully expecting to hate this book. I’ve not enjoyed most of the children’s books that I’ve read on this list, particularly those with female leads. But I got this as an audio book from the library. I loaded up my iPod, and listened as I drove all over Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio this holiday season. I suspect listening to the book made me enjoy this book more than I would have reading it. One of the things that I will pay a bit more attention to going forward is how my experience differs from listening vs reading.

Objectively, Anne was pretty obnoxious character. Because I could tune her out a bit while enjoying the scenery, I found her more tolerable. I am certain that I will never read this book. I am happy that I heard it, mostly for Morella’s character development. Margaret Atwood wrote the intro to my particular copy of the book and suggests that the book is primarily about Morella. I tend to agree with her position. The character that experiences the most transformation is Morella. While Anne transforms from a child to a woman, Morella embraces parts of her self that had lain dormant for years. Technically, I haven’t listened to the last few chapters of Anne of Green Gables, but, as I’ve seen the movie and the f0reshadowing is pretty clear, I will consider this one done in terms of blogging about it. I will listen to the last chapters on my run this week.

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