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100 Books by 40: Alice in Wonderland

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I am still slogging through Gone With the Wind but managed to read all of Alice in Wonderland in an hour. I am experimenting with blogging on my phone. I think thumbing in my entry will make me a lazier writer. But I have little alternative being that I am in a car driving up the West Coast. It does make for pretty scenery though.


Alice in Wonderland was meh. Easily the most interesting aspect of this book is the imagery. Trying to make sense of the plot is like trying to make sense of the Teletubbies show. There really isn’t any point. The dialog does make light of how absurd English is. There are so many words that sound the same, and many phrases that are only understood as idioms.

Now I will go back to writing my entry on Gone with the Wind. In that entry, I will manage to offend everyone with my take on the Paula Deen controversy and the irrational love affair that white Americans have with the antebellum south.

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