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100 Books by 40: His Dark Materials Book Fail!

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I have a bone to pick with the BBC. They compiled a list of 100 books, but counted The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and His Dark Materials Trilogy as one book each. Sneaky BBC. I think that list should be ammended to 104 books.

I started what I thought was the first book in the His Dark Materials Trilogy only to realize about 20 percent of the way though that I had started the third book, not the first. Unfortunately, I read enough to spoil the end of the first and second books. That being said, I expect my experience with this trilogy will be less than ideal. I am not a turn-to-the-end-of-the-book kind of reader, so this really does disappoint me, especially since these books are pretty great.

The trilogy is classified as young adult science fantasy/high fantasy. They tell the story of a multi-universe religious war and how a young girl and boy play out their part in the conflict. There are witches, talking animals, and discussions of advanced physics. The characters are well developed, even the children who have their strengths and weaknesses.

I am about 80 percent complete with the second book. I have enjoyed reading the books mostly for their interesting take on Christianity and multi-universes and their relationship to advanced physics. Pullman is clearly no fan of organized religion as in the books the church typically obscures truths and manipulates characters by their fear. The church carries out cruelties in the name of a greater good.

I am looking forward to reading the final book. I am curious to see how Pullman ties up the plot points. I also wonder what the fate of the church is; will it be redeemed or discarded at the end of the book?

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