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Blundering through Cincinnati, laughing all the way

Breaking Personal Records

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I ran outside again today. I wore the running shoes I bought a couple of weeks ago. My feet are adjusting to those shoes nicely. I did 11 miles. I ran up Gilbert and on to Norwood. I stopped at the UDF on the corner of Dana and Montgomery to get a Gatoraid.GI can’t lie Gilbert was rough, but I made it to the top at around 5mph the whole way.

I started feeling pretty rough in the last two miles. I managed to keep running, but only by sheer will and determination. My longest run prior to this one was 9 miles; I started feeling rough at the 7th mile of that run. So, I can tell that I’m gaining endurance. Further, today’s run is the longest distance I have ever run. I did a 15K last spring, and now I have finally out done my own distance record. That feels good. It also feels good that I wasn’t nearly as beat at the end of this run as I was at the end of that 15k.

Total Miles logged: 91.82

Days until the pig: 90

Miles run today: 11

Average pace: 5.3 mph

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