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Mental Focus Makes Runs Better

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Although I neglected my blog, I did run on Sunday. That six miles was a struggle to finish. I’m starting to notice that my bad runs have less to do with how my body feels and more to do with how well I can focus my mind.

I ran three miles today, outside. It was really nice. All the sub-zero temperatures this winter have made forty degrees feel like spring. It’s all relative. My three mile run felt pretty great. I used my FiveFingers. I think I run a little faster in those. I’m not sure why. It might have something to do with my shorter but quicker strides? The data I have kept thus far all suggests that I am faster in them. I’ll continue to track this.

Oh, I got some winter running gear. I have some Nike Under Armor tights and a few Nike Pro Dry Fit shirts. They performed nicely on my outdoor run today. They are a little too warm for treadmill runs. I sweat like a beast in them on the treadmill on Sunday. The only thing I’m not terribly fond of is the fact that the tights tend to ride down over my first mile. After I pull them back up at a mile they seem to stay put. I’m going to keep this problem in mind when I have to get some warm weather gear.

Total Miles logged: 71.8

Days until the pig: 95

Miles run today: 3

Average pace: 5.3 mph

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