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Blundering through Cincinnati, laughing all the way

The Pain Starts

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Yesterday, I ran eight miles. I had previously been maxing out at six to seven miles. It hurt. I felt pretty good until mile five. The last three miles were pretty miserable, but I endured. I watched “Teen Mom” on MTV; it was nearly as awful as the last three miles of my run. While watching Teen Mom, all I could think about is this is why so many children are growing up to me less than successful adults. It engaged too much of my mind to be mindless TV. While the people on Jersey Shore were generally behaving far worse than the moms, they are at least only making a mess of their own lives. Net, no Teen Mom while running.

My lungs are particularly vulnerable to breathing cold air. I had pleurisy a couple years ago from biking in sub-freezing temperatures. As a result, I can’t take my runs outside until temperatures get above 32 degrees. I hope this starts to happen in February. I really need to get the feeling of running on uneven pavement, and downhill.

Lastly, I made the poor choice of looking at the marathon map. Ack! That’s a long way. I mean that’s 26 miles; the same number of miles I ran all last week! That makes me a little sick just thinking about it. I need to not look at the map again for a while.

Total Miles logged: 26.7

Days until the pig: 111

Miles run today: 8

Average pace: 5.4 mph

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