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The Price of Skis and Blisters

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I think the treadmill at my apartment is set differently than the treadmill at the office. My office runs felt more challenging. It might also have something to do with how I entertained myself while on the treadmill. At the office, I was listening to to podcasts or reading my Kindle. On the treadmill at my apartment, I was watching mindless TV. I think the mindless TV allowed me to focus my mind a little more on carrying on my run. I will keep track of this from this point forward.

I’ve had a couple of blisters, but they are minor. I just need to keep an eye on them. I’m not worried about them in their present state, but I worry about what they can turn into.

I went skiing last night for the first time this winter. I decided to sign up for a four week pass alone. I don’t know many other skiers who were available at the last minute during which I signed up for the sessions. I have discovered that I like being by myself while flying down the side of a mountain. I have also discovered that season matters when attempting to purchase skis and boots. I could have purchased used boots and skis last July for about eighty dollars. After several phone calls, I determined that I could buy some used boots and skis for about three hundred dollars. Note to self, shop for skis and boots this June and July.

Total Miles logged: 13.7

Days until the pig: 114

Miles run today: 3

Average pace: 5.2 mph

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