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Blundering through Cincinnati, laughing all the way

Schedules Are Nice

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My run today felt better than the run yesterday. My calves were just a little sore from wearing the FiveFingers. I think my body is just relieved to be back on a workout schedule. Vacation was nice, but I was starting to feel sluggish for lack of physical activity. I did yoga yesterday afternoon and realized that I need to work that into my regular routine. Not only has my balance deteriorated, but my ham strings were really tight. I’m thinking I will cross train with yoga as part of my Monday work outs.

I realized something this morning. My running shoes are old. I should probably get new ones since, I will be logging lots of miles on them. Further, I own very little technical clothing. I think I will need to strategic items for my outdoor runs. While I will shoot for days with milder weather, those days will be few and far between from now until March. While this will most certainly be a physical challenge, I think the mental challenge has a higher probability of causing me to fail.

Total Miles logged: 5.7

Days until the pig: 116

Miles run today: 3

Average pace: 5.2 mph

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