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MPMF – Artist Review

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MPMF – Artist Review
For the next few weeks I will be using this blog to review the MPMF artists I have listened too. Part of this is to benefit others who will be attending the festival, and part of this is to benefit me. There are a lot of artists and writing my thoughts about them will help me remember which acts I want to see.

The artists I choose to cover are limited to those that have music available on Rhapsody. I am starting at the beginning of the alphabet and working my way to the end. I hope you enjoy it. I know I will because checking loads of new music is always a blast for me.

46 Long – Time’s Right
There is a growly blues harmonica on this album, and I love it. This music is great acoustic blues. This would be great to see if you are looking for something down tempo and sparse. There is a cover of “Midnight Special” on this album that is outstanding.

Fairmount Girls – These girls are fun, but I will probably miss them at Mid Point. The primary reason is that I have opportunities to see them at other times of the year.

A Place to Bury Strangers – THis band is noise rock or art rock. They remind me just a little bit of Bauhaus, but less dark. They are also less chrisp and less sparse. I don’t think I will be seeing this band. I suspect that their live show would present a better experience than what is captured in recording sessions.

A Shoreline Dream – This band produces great dreamy pop rock. This is what Mazzy Star would sound like with a dude singer. This band had a much better producer for their recordings than A Place to Bury Strangers. While this band sounds good, dream pop has never been my thing. If I don’t have more tempting shows to attend while they are playing I will turn up.

Adrien and the Fine Print – Rhapsody describes these guys as Tennessee Swing. There are lots of fiddles and electric acoustic guitars here. The song writing is interesting and fun. These guys go on my want to see list. This band’s melodies remind me of Rilo Kiley. I can’t elaborate further on why that is.

Aficionado – These guys remind me just a little of Muse. They have a grandiose sound. They also seem to do themed albums from the one I have listened to. The recording has lots going on. There are piccolos, horns and a chorus. While the actual horns might have been used on the recording, I doubt these will turn up at their live show. But that makes me curious; what exactly will their live show be like. These guys go on my want to see list.

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