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The seedlings have made lots of progress since I last blogged. Here’s a picture of the sweetie tomato, zucchini and broccoli seedlings. These were taken prior to my week of vacation, on March 31st. As of this point, only one of the jalapeno peppers had come up; none of the bell peppers had germinated.

I was concerned that the plants wouldn’t survive the vacation. It’s not that I didn’t have faith in the folks looking after them. It’s that I do a fine job of killing plants and assume that others have that same talent.

My plant munching cat gets a little angry when I leave town. I got out the bags and started packing. Devil cat noticed. Ten minutes later, I went upstairs and saw that the cat had managed to get one of the corn seedlings through the chicken-wire and snarf it down. All that was left was the roots.

The devil cat is a spiteful little creature. She was content to leave the seedlings alone until she noticed the luggage out. I am certain she felt compelled to send me a message about the vacation.

Upon my return from vacation, the seedlings look a little wilted. I gave them a good watering. There were a couple of sunflowers and a couple of peas that might not return from the wilt. If that’s the worst fallout from seven days away, I will consider that success. I will have newer pictures with my next post. This week I will attempt to build my beds. This will involve me using power tools, so I’m excited.

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