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One Thousand Channels and Nothing to Watch

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This is night two with insomnia. Last night I managed to get through 15 percent of Julie and Julia. I was reading it on my Kindle lest you think I am obsessive enough to calculate the percentage. Due to the font options, page numbers are rendered useless. It’s a great book; I’m hoping that the context in which I am reading it won’t color my perception of it. Any experience that is gained while I would rather be asleep suffers an extra dash of malcontent.

Last night’s dose of ceiling watching went on for three hours. After a couple hours of reading, I turned to the trusty TV. We got cable a few weeks ago after more than a year without it. I didn’t miss having cable. I don’t like TV. If I had any doubts about the dubious value of hours spend in front of the TV, Jersey Shore banished my doubts to the hinterlands of my mind.

On a Saturday night, there is absolutely nothing of value to watch on TV from three AM to 6AM. The programming consists of thirty-minute advertisements for products that no one in the light of day would consider purchasing.  Who needs a belt that shocks your abdominal muscles in to contracting repetitively?

How is it possible to have one thousand channels and still have nothing to watch? I finally settled on Bill Moyers Journal on PBS, a station that we had without paying a dime. I like the show, but it’s not exactly fluff to fall asleep to. I was hoping for a rerun of the Supernanny or Family Guy.

Prior to getting cable, the only time I missed having it was when I was awake at night. I didn’t consider that cable would only broaden the pool of bad options.  I decided to try this blog out, but it keeps me too engaged to get sleepy. I’m sure you will excuse me while I flip through my thousand channels several times before I settle on one of the many bad options.

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