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So, I’ve had more little sprouts come up. I’m still unsure of what they are. See my first gardening mistake of not labeling what seeds I planted where in earlier posts.

One of my seedlings died for reasons I don’t know. Some others are a bit wilted. First I was thinking that it was water. I dried them out, and they didn’t seem to like that either. I put them outside in partial sun. I put them outside in full sun. Now I’m starting to think that some of they liked it dry and some of them like it wet. I’m trying that next.

The peas outside are still doing great. They are super green, and their tendrils have started wrapping around the lattice that I’ve built for them. The green beans are growing so much. I’ve moved them out of their little peat pots and planted them in larger planters. They can’t go outside yet, because they don’t like frost. I’m still thinking that April will have some night frosts. I can pull the pots in on those cold nights.

Oh, I have no pictures this time because Stef has my camera in Kansas City. I will have pictures later in the week.

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